Saturday, April 25, 2009

28/365 04/24/09 Going on a Trip!!

This week we learned that we had won an awesome all expense paid trip to Brazil for a cruise down the Amazon river!! (Thanks to the hard work of our son-in-law in selling a carpet product) The trip was for the 60 top sellers in the nation and we happened to be 61st. BUT someone couldn't go and so we were the next ones on the list!!! The only challenge was that we don't have a passport and today was the last day to file for a travel visa. Without a passport you can't get a visa. So I was in a race to find someone to help us get all the proper documents together, get a money order, get passport photos taken, go to the post office, apply for a passport, register online for the travel visa, get more documents together, and rush to the FedEx office to overnight them to Washington. Hopefully we will have everything in order in time to go. It's going to be a trip of a lifetime!!!

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