Friday, September 3, 2010

8/14/10 My sweet Girl

My how quickly 5 years have gone by.....I love you my sweet school girl!

8/13/10 Rachel and Drew

Rachel and I met Drew at Chick-fil-A, (Chick ole' ). I tried to take a picture of them together with their ice cream but Drew has this new thing of either looking away at the exact second of my clicking the shutter or shutting his eyes. So this is how most of the pics look these days!
I think Drew told Rachel how to do it.....

Silly kids! They make me laugh all the time.
We went to feed the ducks next. It was so hot but they really wanted to go. Drew is still a bit scared of the ducks and especially the geese, so he prefers to throw the bread from the safety of the picnic table but......

Rachel chases them. She laughs and laughs while she runs around. She's just not scared of anything!

Then we went back to the house and Rachel loves, loves, loves the Littlest Pet Shop. At first, she wasn't sure about sharing them with Drew but decided he could be "taught" how to play with them "properly".

And she believes she is the coloring teacher too!

They had a good time together and I'm so very thankful that they LOVE each other so much!

08/12/10 Fun with Rachel....

These are the last little girl days I have with my sweet Rachel. She is officially a "school girl" now, starting Kindergarten, and she won't be able to come over a stay a few days whenever I want her to. I'm a little sad about that. I was so used to just planning things and going to get her but now I will have to wait for the weekend or a school holiday. We had fun though...went to our favorite place for lunch-The Purple Cow. We had purple milkshakes together.

We went shopping and then to the movies. It was a fun day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

08/12/10 Rachel and Madie...

This picture makes me laugh! I think Madie is saying "Help me Nana" as Rachel is chewing or whispering or doing something she doesn't like to her ear! It was a fun day taking lots and lots of pictures along with bribery, sweating, silliness and whatever else it took to get some good ones. To see more sweet pictures of Rachel and Madie go to

08/11/10 - New logo/watermark

Well I found this logo and I love love love it! It's so me! But when I got it and used it for a watermark on my photos I thought the tree was just too much.... : ( So I rearranged the bird, changed the font and color and still haven't come up with something I'm really happy with. So what do you think? Any comments are appreciated.

This is the one I'm leaning to....seems to show up the best with being too much.

This one is straight from the logo....I love it but just doesn't seem to show up as well.

This one I like too but when being black also is a problem showing up....

Bird on the left....

And pink text. Just not sure which one and maybe I should try some more.........

New Blog Posts.....Finally....

My family and friends have been asking "why haven't you posted's been over a month that I've been looking at that painted bunting!" I've been busy with life. And while there are so many good things going on I feel that I do the same good things almost every day. Quite frankly I thought no one wanted to read about another bird, flower, or butterfly. Or a photo shoot and bow making. Now my sweet grandkids...maybe. They are the best kids ever!
So anyway, I've realized I've missed blogging and I'm going to TRY...yes I said keep up better. But I'm not promising you won't get tired of seeing and reading the same things over and over. That's my life....filled with good but ordinary things.

08/09/10 Miles' Birthday Photo Shoot!

Well I took birthday pictures of Miles. He's going to be 1 on the 17th! I bought this old high chair at a resale shop not knowing exactly what I would do with it. I just liked the style and the color of it. When I got home, Mike said that would be perfect for 1st birthday photos. And it was!! I love it and how cute Miles looks in it. I would have got him a party hat but he WILL NOT wear a hat. So Ashley got these cupcakes in these bright colors and we thought he would go crazy eating and smashing them. He usually loves sweets and eats everything you give him. But no, not today..... He tasted a little tiny bit of icing with his finger. That's bite, no putting it on his head, not grabbing it with his hands...nothing. Nothing except this sweet smile that is. He's adorable and so sweet. I love you Miles!

And here is what happened when Ashley tried to "make" him take a bite....he cried and cried!!

For more of Miles birthday photos go to

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

06/25/10 Butterflies...

06/22/10 Going to the "Beach"

Today I went with Ashley, Jackie, Drew and Rachel to the beach area on Lake Granbury. We swam and played in the sand. Drew really loved the sand....digging in it, filling his bucket with it, and especially throwing it! Rachel liked the swimming the best. They also loved the little water park area. It was a fun day!

And of course they still don't like to pose for Nana's camera.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

06/16/10 Last Day in Israel....

Today was the last day of our trip. Our awesome bus driver, Avi, was ready to get on the road.

We stopped at Nazareth and visited a place that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the time of Jesus. We got to see how farm, domestic, and craft work was performed two thousand years ago.


The way the scrolls were read in the synagogue.

Making yarn and weaving.

The carpenter's shop

Next we went to Megiddo. On this mountain there have been at least 27 different settlements here and as we walked around everyone found many pieces of pottery, most dating back to the Roman times.

From the top of Mt. Megiddo, is this valley which is identified in Revelation 16:16 as the site of the final battle between the forces of good and evil at the end of time, known as Armageddon.

We also toured more water tunnels of the Megiddo Springs.

Then on to Mt. Carmel. Here was the place where Elijah and the prophets of Baal had their confrontation. We read the whole story found in I Kings 18:16-45.

"When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, "The LORD -he is God! The LORD -he is God!" I Kings 18:39

View from top of Mt. Carmel

Our final stop was Caesarea, located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is another place where King Herod the Great built a palace, as well as a Roman type theater and a hippodrome for horse races and other events.

Caesarea is mentioned several times in Acts. We read the account of Paul and King Agrippa in Acts 25: 13-27.

The water was so beautiful here. It was the first time to see the Mediterranean Sea and we wished we could have stayed longer than just a few minutes!!

After a farewell dinner in Tel Aviv, we arrived at the airport to catch a 11:30 p.m. flight home. It was a wonderful trip. Everything was perfectly planned and we did so many interesting things. Our guide was awesome, our group was great, and I feel like it was a once in lifetime trip, to really get to see the Bible come to life. I loved every minute of it!!