Friday, September 3, 2010

8/13/10 Rachel and Drew

Rachel and I met Drew at Chick-fil-A, (Chick ole' ). I tried to take a picture of them together with their ice cream but Drew has this new thing of either looking away at the exact second of my clicking the shutter or shutting his eyes. So this is how most of the pics look these days!
I think Drew told Rachel how to do it.....

Silly kids! They make me laugh all the time.
We went to feed the ducks next. It was so hot but they really wanted to go. Drew is still a bit scared of the ducks and especially the geese, so he prefers to throw the bread from the safety of the picnic table but......

Rachel chases them. She laughs and laughs while she runs around. She's just not scared of anything!

Then we went back to the house and Rachel loves, loves, loves the Littlest Pet Shop. At first, she wasn't sure about sharing them with Drew but decided he could be "taught" how to play with them "properly".

And she believes she is the coloring teacher too!

They had a good time together and I'm so very thankful that they LOVE each other so much!

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