Saturday, May 9, 2009

42/365 05/08/09 Daddy Daughter Dance

Tonight was the Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by our church. I was blessed to get to go and take pictures. All the little girls were dressed up in their best dresses with sparkly shoes and big bows and jewelry and some had wrist corsages -- just liittle princesses, beautiful! But also the Daddy's were decked out in dress shirts and pants, some even wore jackets and ties. One young man brought his barely 2 year old daughter, dressed to the max and danced every dance with her in his arms. I've never been to a Daddy Daughter dance before and I was totally overwhelmed by the pure love in the eyes of these girls. They looked into their Daddy's eyes and smiled as if there would never be another man who could compare. Even better than that was the way these men loved their precious girls- dressing up and even leaving on their jackets and ties all night (and it was HOT in the gym where it was held), dancing to many silly dance songs with a huge smile, laughing and treating their girls like this was the best time they had ever had. It really was a special night for me to just try to capture the moment as best I could and to watch and enjoy........

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