Saturday, May 23, 2009

56/365 05/22/09 Little Chicks Hair Bows

I have been hard at work! I've made over 150 bows the last few weeks. I am now selling little girls (or big girls) hair bows. I have 2 stores that are buying from me and hopefully I will add at least 1 more. It is ALOT of time consuming work but I love it! It's so much fun and so me....(anything crafty and involves the colors pink and green!!)
The only problem is that all my spare time is going into these bows with NO time for scrapbooking....and I must get "caught up" on my pictures especially of the grandkids BECAUSE we just found out tonight that ---WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GRANDBABY!! Our 4th will be arriving sometime in Jan. We are very excited!!! Two on the way...isn't God GOOD?

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