Thursday, September 3, 2009

156/365 09/02/09 First Visits

Today was Miles first visit to Nana and Big Daddy's house.....See that smile?? He was happy to come see Nana....

Then on to Jacksboro to visit with Jackie and Lance and pick up Rachel.....
Rachel was so excited to hold Miles for the first time!!

And Jackie's first time to hold him too.....

I think Rachel is going to love Miles as much as she does Drew.

When Lance got home from his football practice, Drew wanted to throw footballs and play with him. Lance got out his old high school helmet for Drew to try on.

Lance had some junior high helmets in his truck and Rachel and Drew had to try head butting with the helmets on (and with Lance!!)

And last......I REALLY REALLY wanted to get a FIRST picture with all 3 of my grand kids.....and here it is!!!! ha ha (We will try again next time)

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