Tuesday, September 22, 2009

176/365 09/22/09 First Day of Fall....a very full day!!

Today is the official first day of fall and I enjoyed the cooler weather. I love fall but I'm dreading winter -- the first frost when all my flowers die, the shorter days when it is dark before 6, and the cold days when I can't get my feet warm no matter what I do! But for now I will just enjoy these nice days.......

Today was also a scary and anxious day....Jackie started having contractions a few weeks ago. They have been minimal most days but today she was having too many and they had to make a trip to the hospital. The doctor gave her some medication to stop them and sent her home to be on bed rest for a week.....It's way too early to start this, baby girl.......

And finally, looking through my blog, I realized that I have posted alot of pics lately of Miles and Rachel and not many of Drew....so here's to my oldest grandson-- wild, energetic, adventurous, happy (most of the time and if he's not happy he's tragically brokenhearted), silly, funny, living life to the absolute fullest with never a quiet or still moment, who likes to do "cool" tricks, dance, jump off things and on things, to throw whatever he can get away with ( even his food), wants to "do myself", who can unload my pantry shelves faster than a speeding bullet, and says "Big Daddy is my best friend"!!! I love you very much Drew~~~ (even though I need a nap after you're here).......!!!

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