Monday, November 2, 2009

215/365 10/31/09 Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! We spent our night not with our grandkids trick or treating, but working a Halloween block party! Our party rental business rented out this bounce house, a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine, slushie machine, and all the decorating, planning and setting up for this party. And the deal included that we dress up and work the party. Ok, no problem. Oh my....we were down to the last minute getting everything to work. We didn't have enough power and had to go buy a generator! Then when the kids started coming, they were everywhere!! So many people in line for the cotton candy you couldn't even see the end of it. Mike made cotton candy for 2 1/2 hours without stopping once (except when he dropped his bubba teeth and couldn't find them)!!! He had cotton candy up to his shoulders, he was covered in it!! I think I popped and handed out 300 bags of popcorn! The party lasted for a little over 2 hours but felt like 20. Then we had to clean up and load all the stuff up. We were exhausted!! But you was fun!! (But I don't think I want to do it again) : )

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  1. sounds like so much work! so sweet of you and your husband to do it. It's all for the kids, and I know they must have enjoyed it greatly.
    What a fun Nana!