Sunday, January 17, 2010

16/365 01/16/10 And now there are 4...

Two boys and two perfect is that? My son has 2 girls and my daughter has 2 boys. The way I see it God has blessed me with a double portion. I had a son and a daughter...the "perfect" family..... one of each....the best of both worlds. I loved the pink painted bedrooms, tutus, big hair bows, dance classes, slumber parties, drill team, giggling girls in my house, proms, and wedding dress shopping. I also loved the little boy "puppy" smell, cars and trucks, running and jumping, sitting in many, many bleachers watching many, many sporting events, the house full of boys, the proms, and being mother of the groom.
My time as a mother to little ones is done...finished. They are grown up with families of their own. Sometimes I'm sad about went by way too fast and back then I didn't realize how much I was going to miss it.
BUT I now have TWO girls and TWO boys to enjoy, to love, to spend time with, to laugh with - double what I had...
I am so thankful.

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