Thursday, February 4, 2010

34/365 02/03/10 Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Today we went to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Drew has been so excited for days to go to the "horsie show". He wore his cowboy boots and Brad bought him a hat- which he wore all day!! He was so cute!!

We hadn't planned to go to the rodeo too but some very nice lady gave all of us free tickets!!

He brought his own "horsies" along to see it.......

He was mesmerized...wouldn't even talk the whole first hour. Miles liked it too!

Drew ( energetic Drew) sat 2 hours watching the whole rodeo! After that Big Daddy took him to the animal petting tent......

He had to force him to touch the cute baby goat.....

and he didn't want nothing to do with the rabbit either....BUT when he saw the pony rides he was in!! We didn't think he would sit on the pony much less ride it by himself.. but he did!!

He was so funny riding that pony. He just sat on it like he'd been riding all his life. He held on with only one hand and kind-of leaned back. While the pony was walking he was relaxed, bobbing his head with each step. Big Daddy said he was a "natural" cowboy. He even gave us the "thumbs up".

After that he seemed a little he wanted to pet a very large steer!!

Miles liked the milking demonstration.....

We had a great time... I loved showing Drew all the animals and watching him have fun!!

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