Thursday, June 3, 2010

06/02/10 Nana Time with Drew....

Today was "Nana Time" with Drew. We spent some fun time together, just the two of us.

First we went to the library- "my barry" as Drew calls it. He looked at a few books and then picked out 5 movies, including the "Jungle Bear" (Jungle Book).

Next after stopping to get a "purple drink" (which ended up being a green drink) and a purple sucker, we headed to the park. It was so hot and Drew played a little bit on the playground equipment but he was REALLY into chasing the "squares" (squirrels). He would see them in the grass and off he'd go chasing those "squares" right up the tree.....

He would come back and slide a time or two and then spot another "square" to chase. It was so funny!

He was finally ready to leave the park and the next stop was the Dollar Store to pick out a surprise for Miles (Milesey - pronounced Miles Z). Drew loaded the shopping basket with about a dozen balls as fast as he could along with other assorted toys. But he sorted through them and decided what Milesey would like best - a package of soft baseballs and a dinosaur. He chose for himself 2 horsies which he named Buckie and Billy, a dinosaur, 2 baseballs, and a couple of other things. He was so excited!

Then we headed to Cari's so he could get pancakes for lunch......We had a great time! I loved my "Drew Time".

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