Friday, June 5, 2009

64/365 05/30/09 First Day of Trip--Touring city of Manaus

Houses along the river in Manaus.....

Went to an art and history museum.....

Then to the fish and vegetable/fruit market. There were all kinds and sizes of fish, brought in that morning from the fishing boats, and laid out for sale. The aisles were very narrow and there were lots of people there buying things.

These are peacock bass (notice the spot on the tail like a peacock)

This man was happy to hold up his fish for us to take pictures...

After the fish area, there were booths and booths of fresh veggies and fruits, many of which I had no idea what they were. This man had all his limes (I think) stacked so perfectly.

And these were the longest green beans I've ever seen!

Here we were in the open area of the market where there were SO MANY bananas everywhere.
I don't know how they could possibly sell so many before they ripen.

Rows and rows of bananas!

Then off to lunch at a local restaurant where we were served buffet style. The meat was cooked over a fire brazilian style.

After lunch it was on to the opera house that was built in the 1880's. It was very beautiful inside and they still have opera performances there. In the courtyard out front is this unusual tile work---black and white curves--that symbolize the meeting of the Amazon river with the black water of the Rio Negro river.
Later that evening we were taken to a beautiful historic building for dinner.

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