Wednesday, June 24, 2009

89/365 06/24/09 It's a GOOD day!!

I went to Jacksboro today and THIS is what I drove up to--Rachel running to my car....does it get any better than this???

After many many attempts at getting a picture of her where she wasn't under some covers or covering her eyes with anything she could pick up, I think I got a few good ones of her laughing at me. We had so much fun today....she's finally back to her old happy self after having a rough time with her tonsil surgery.

And I tried to take some pics of me and her (while holding out my camera). She was really posing and looking SO cute and I hate all of them of ME!!!! So upset....about that!! It's hard to get her to pose with me......

And I REALLY love this one......... It was a GOOD day!!!

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