Monday, June 8, 2009

68/365 06/03/09 Meeting of the Waters, Piranha Fishing, Monkeys, Sloths

Here is the place where the Amazon River (the muddy water) and the Rio Negro River (the dark water) join. From this point they flow to the sea.

Our last boat tour was looking for animals and piranha fishing.

Our guide, Frank, spots a three-toed sloth....

curled up in the tree. So he just reaches into the tree and pulls him out!

Then we see one monkey and Frank teaches us to do monkey calls. Several more came over and we fed them bananas.

Momma with baby on her back.

I got to feed them. I was a little scared at first but they were very calm and softy took the banana.

Two monkeys--the one on the left is the momma with a baby on her back.

Piranha Fishing....they kept eating my bait...

Black Piranha

Look at those teeth!!
Our last night on board..captain's farewell dinner.

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