Monday, June 8, 2009

67/365 06/02/09 Second Jungle Hike and Pink Dolphin Tour---Visit to a local community

Our second jungle hike was just like the first----pouring down rain, with Piro as our guide (and he was still barefoot.)

A worm that is edible--Piro showed us how to get it out of the seed and said it tasted just like coconut.....I didn't try it but one guy in our group did!!

Piro opening the seed with a machete....

Very dangerous tree with spikes...

Huge ant colony..Piro could clap his hands in a certain rhythm and the ants would swarm out!

This was the awful bullet ants....Piro rubbed the trunk of the tree with his machete and out came these ants. A bite by one is terribly painful and if you get bitten by 3 or more--maybe death!!!

Piro coaxed a trantula out of its nest with a small stick...

After hiking over an hour, back into out boats....
After loading up and heading out, Piro says "who wants to swim in the river?" and guess who is first into the water......

Mike swimming in the River!!

And on to feed the Pink Dolphins.......

Me feeding the dolphin.....

and Mike feeding them!

Later in the day we went to a local village community. The kids ran out to meet our boats. They were so cute, all dressed up in their grass skirts and feathers and face paint.

The chief and his son

Piro opened a fruit that looked like a pomegrante and rubbed the seeds and then painted
Mike's face.

This was my favorite part of the trip, going to the village. We got to buy their hand-made crafts from them--- necklaces, bracelets, paintings, etc. It was an awesome experience and I loved the kids!!

That night, Piro, who is also a well-know singer and musician in Brazil
(what can't this guy do?) performed for us in a native costume. After that,
we listened and danced to a band formed by all the guides.
They played music from Pink Floyd "The Wall" to "Country Roads Take Me Home" to " You Are My Sunshine".
It was so much fun!!

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  1. I am so glad you all got to go, and I am so glad you are back!