Friday, October 16, 2009

196/365 10/12/09 To Queeche Vermont Area..

We went back to Vermont the Queeche area. We saw the gorge, shopped a little, had a picnic with cheese, crackers, and apples. Then on to see covered bridges and the quaint countryside with rolling hills, old barns, rock fences, farm houses, green pastures and dairy cows. It is like stepping back in time. Chris LOVES old barns and John Deere tractors and wouldn't you know it-- an old barn with a John Deere parked right in front!! And last....Mike had been saying every day, "I wish I could see a moose" and not one but TWO were right on the side of the road!!! It was a really good day!!

The Queeche Gorge

Chris' Favorite Barn with a tractor!

Mike's moose!!

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