Sunday, October 25, 2009

207/365 10/23/09 Learning to sing....

The winds can rage, the sky can be dark, and yet a bird can sit in the hollow of a tree and sing the most beautiful song. The bird is created to sing and God has given it the song. The bird does not sing because of the storm but in spite of the storm. In the same way, there is a point in the trial where finally you are able to turn from despair to trust in the love of God. At long last, you see truths that stand firm, no matter the darkness. Those truths give you a reason to rejoice. They become the words of the song that God gives you in the dark night of the soul. And then, you can finally sing." - from "Pilgrimage of the Heart" by Catherine Martin

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  1. I've taken a little browse through all your precious pictures. You are blessed to have such a beautiful family.
    Thanks for posting such amazing pictures.
    You are a Nana with a great eye for photography. God Bless.