Thursday, April 1, 2010

88/365 03/31/10 Little Girls and Tutus.....a little piece of Heaven

Well I've waited for this day for a long take pictures of these 6 little cuties from Rachel's day care. Ms. K is the BEST child care provider ever. She is sweet, patient, and the girls love her. These 6 have been together for along time, most since they were tiny babies....and they just happen to be all girls! Jackie arranged with Ms. K and the moms for me to come and dress them in tutus, flowers, and bows and take fun photos. I also brought along my friend Julie with her camera and I'm so glad I did! Because you can't imagine the excitement, the squealing with delight, the chaos, and the fast and furious pace of getting 6 little girls together for a posed picture.......

The sun was bright and some girls didn't like sitting in the grass so this is my best group shot of them in a circle. LOL !

And another one of them in chairs......

But despite my lack of directing a group shot and being able to get one that was perfect I think we got some real cute photos..... Thanks Jackie, Ms. K, and all the moms for letting me be thrilled today!!!

And wouldn't you just know it......the BEST ONE of all of them was taken by Jackie while we were getting ready outside!!!! It was a wonderful day!!

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  1. OMG!!! They are great!!! Thanks for doing it!!! I am glad to help out!!!! LOTS OF FUN!!!