Monday, April 12, 2010

97/365 04/09/10 Trip to see the bluebonnets!!

After reading the reports about how beautiful the bluebonnets were this year, Mike took a day off work and we went south to the Marble Falls area to see for ourselves. And yes! They were gorgeous! I think all the rain we had in the fall and early spring really made the difference. We drove down lots of country roads and they were just piled high everywhere. The pictures really don't do them justice and I didn't know how good bluebonnets smelled. It was awesome!

**And just a warning....there are lots of pictures....I took ALOT and I couldn't narrow it down any further......***

We drove down SH 1431 through Kingsland and to CR 321. We went to Long's Fishing Camp along the Llano River. For $5.00 you can stay all day, fishing, swimming etc., and there were acres and acres of bluebonnets!! This field was huge! We stayed there most of the day.....

We also drove the road to Llano and the Inks Lake State Park road 4. These roads were also covered with flowers!

This is the old Kingsland Railroad. It was covered in bluebonnets!

And then when we were about to leave to head home, the butterflies were out feeding on these thistles. I was able to photograph several different kinds as well as a quick shot of a hummingbird!

I hated that one of his wings was missing.

It was a fabulous day. And while there may be places where people plant wildflower seeds, for the most part it is God who plants these different, colorful flowers where He chooses and causes them to grow. It is delightful to see and to be reminded of His beauty and glory!
"Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and Amen" Psalm 72:19

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  1. AWESOME!!!! I love your eye! SO glad you got to do this! Can't wait to see more and hear about the trip. =)